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New games [Aug. 1st, 2004|12:11 pm]
Another GCN Community


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Well I just got my Nintendo Power, (awesome magazine, subscribe to it) and here are some points of interest.

Pikmin 2 - read the article on it, looks very good, multiplayer modes and challenge is updated, plus more features to the one player mode, such as not pressed for time, another assistant, 2 new pikmin, a pikopedia (works like a pokedex does in pokemon) and a plethora of new enemies
Metroid Prime 2 - not much info, but looks a lot more updated, direct plot sequel to MP, and the awesome multiplayer.
Paper Mario 2 - In the sequel, Mario takes advantage of his 2-Dness and can turn into an airplane, become real thin, stuff like that. Also claimed to be the funniest title on GCN so far.
Second Sight - Action/Mystery game about a guy that wakes up after a coma and has no idea how he got there or why he's accused of murder. Like Metal Gear Solid, it encourages both stealth and action.
The Movies - Never heard of this before now, but it looks awesome. Basically you control a movie theatre, studio, and movies. You can make movies, hire actors and keep them happy, and market your movies at the best time for best sales (i.e. propaganda movie during WW2, western during the times when Westerns were hot, etc.)

They all look pretty cool.